Case: Groenlinks

The future is green. GroenLinks, which has become a major political player in the Dutch political sphere, has a strong digital presence, with a host of Wings platforms powering their campaigning efforts.

GroenLinks, a green progressive political party, has evolved from a relatively minor political party to one of the largest political parties in the Netherlands.

GroenLinks have used Wings for over a dozen campaigning websites on a regional, national and European level for election campaigns in 2018 and 2019, such as and

GroenLinks petition site
A succesful petition campaign after a (subsequently retracted) government proposal to raise interest rates on student loans

The Action Network integration

GroenLinks offers a fine demonstration of Wings's integration capabilities. As they use The Action Network as their campaigning toolkit of choice, people who sign up for events (the 'meetups' that are held everywhere, ranging from football canteens to large-scale music venues), petitions or email newsletters are directly sent to a corresponding The Action Network event, petition or mailing lists. All thanks to Wings's webhooks support and the API provided by the Action Network.

GroenLinks signup pages
GroenLinks campaign websites combine stories, multimedia and various forms of sign-ups.

A signup page for one of those 'meetups', or actually 'the greatest football canteen in The Netherlands', was one of the first web applications powered by Wings, alongside a series of 'stories'.

GroenLinks Signup page
One of the first Wings pages ever to have been published: a signup page for a GroenLinks meetup in music venue De Melkweg, Amsterdam

GroenLinks also publishes stories such as this one about Superheroes.

GroenLinks story
A GroenLinks story about real-world superheroes


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