BIJ1: Participate for Equality

BIJ1 is a new leftist political party in The Netherlands. Unequivocally anti-racist, unapologetically anti-capitalist, unreservedly inclusive: BIJ1 is the real deal.

BIJ1 was founded in 2016 by Sylvana Simons. It stands for a society with equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone. After gaining a council seat in the city of Amsterdam, BIJ1 is preparing its admission to Dutch Parliament after the national Dutch elections in March of 2021.

In December 2019, BIJ1 first used Wings to launch a fundraiser in preparation of their election campaign in the run-up to the elections of March 2021. Soon thereafter, they migrated their national website as well as a slew of local chapter websites to Wings. After raising over € 100,000 using Wings's fundraisers, they were finally able to transfer to a bespoke campaign website on, while still using Wings for their local websites.

As explained further in our article "Who is Wings for?", this is an excellent demonstration of Wings's strengths and limitations.

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“What makes Wings so great is that it is very user-friendly but also very powerful. Our pages and articles look amazing, and it lets us build a movement and crowdfund our campaign.”

Mannus Boote

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A couple of fine examples of Wings websites.

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Can Wings handle heavy traffic?

Yes. Our architecture is built to efficiently handle many visitors and process large amounts of people signing petitions or making donations.


Is Wings a partisan vendor?

Yes. Wings exists to help fight structural injustices such as economic inequality, racism, transphobia and the effects of climate change. We believe sex work is work, Black Lives Matter and Zwarte Piet is racist. Wings will not be available to clients who have conflicting values.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Even better: you can try before you buy. Contact us to get a free fully-functioning demo account, so you can try it out before you decide to purchase.


Does it work with The Action Network? Nationbuilder? Mailchimp?

Yes. Wings has Mailchimp support built in, and has powerful webhooks support that lets you configure your own integrations with countless of email newsletter and CRM systems.

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