Case: FNV Young and United

WTFlex is a beautiful longread that explains in painstaking detail how young workers in the Netherlands are stuck between a rock and a hard place, due to short-term, variable-hours employment contracts have suddenly become the norm.

FNV Young and United is a project by FNV, the Netherlands' largest labor union, aimed at young workers. FNV uses Wings for several projects, among which is WTFlex, a beautiful longread that explains how young workers in the Netherlands are plagued by insecure, invariably short-term employment contracts.

WTFlex excels at storytelling

WTFlex was the very first project that used Wings as a CMS and its frontend companion Hummingbird to display the content. Aside from the opening image, all editorial content consists of freely reusable content cards.

Wings editor
A sneak peek at the editor

The WTFlex was a great inspiration to the development of the Wings CMS, as it demonstrates the importance of editorial design. Campaign websites should be about more than just landing pages with a form – they should allow you to tell great stories.


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