Here is a selection of frequently asked questions. As with most FAQs, it may not be an actual representation of the questions we get and their frequency. Feel free to ask additional (at info@bolster.digital or @wingscms on Twitter), we will try to keep score and update the list below.

How much does a Wings website cost to set up?

The setup cost starts at € 0, for which you will get a website with your own logo, as well as a color palette and custom fonts that match your organization's visual identity. All core Wings functionalities will be available to you. Wings allows for customizations, though: we can further tweak the design, create a custom front page or build entirely new integrations wi or functions into your website.

How much does Wings cost per month?

Plans start at € 195 per month. Note: custom plans that contain a larger number of similar websites (for local branches of your organization, for example) feature very attractive volume pricing. Contact Bolster, the digital agency behind Wings, for more information.

I need a fully-featured campaign website ASAP. How quickly can you make one?

Shoot us a message at info@bolster.digital, we should be able to help you within a business day.

How can I create an account / try it out?

Account setup is not fully automated yet, but we can get you up and running with a fully functioning demo in a matter of minutes. Shoot a message at info@bolster.digital and we will make it happen.

Can I host a Wings website myself?

Although the CMS service is centralized, the web applications can run on any domain and are typically hosted on Netlify. For clients who want a large number of similar looking websites or who want more control over their own setup, it is possible to host your own websites on Netlify or possibly elsewhere. You can own your own frontend repository which pulls our open-source Hummingbird frontend repo (and use 'shadowing' to override only the default settings you want to change), or even develop an entirely different frontend, using Wings' GraphQL API interface to pull the JSON-formatted content from your Wings project in the headless CMS.

Does Wings offer multilingual support?

Yes, Wings has multilingual support out of the box. We currently support English, German and Dutch; we need to translate microcopy into other languages before they can become available in production. Contact us at info@bolster.digital if you're interested; you can also contribute translation suggestions to our open-source project.

Can Wings integrate with other CRM / email / campaigning platforms?

We currently offer premium support for Mailchimp; you can also download .CSV files with lists of confirmed constituents from our web interface. We are working on expanding integrations with various campaigning and email platforms. For custom projects, we can create custom integrations with any service that offers a robust API that Wings can talk to. For additional inquiries, feel free to contact info@bolster.digital.

Is Wings a partisan or 'bi-partisan' vendor?

Wings is software for progressive organizations, founded by Bolster, an agency that also works for progressive organizations. Our founding philosphy is that we want to use technology to promote equality, democracy, justice and a sustainable future for all. This means we exclude organizations that have conflicting goals, such as right wing political parties, conservative think tanks, big corporate entities, et cetera.

If we would use Wings, how dependent would we become on it?

Wings is CRM-agnostic, meaning that you can use Wings alongside email and CRM systems that connect to eachother over APIs. This allows you to create a modular tech infrastructure, which allows you to more easily change vendors for a single part of your stack (CRM, email, design, website CMS, etc), instead of placing all of your eggs into one basket (by using an all-in-one solution for your CMS, organizing, voter outreach, etc.) Although a good all-in-one solution is great in theory, in practice it is often very expensive and complex, requiring a large investment of time, effort and resources to benefit from it, while it often lacks the versatility, speed, ease of use and design quality of Wings websites.

As for Wings itself: the frontend is completely open-source, which you could host yourself. You can also take more control over the frontend experience by creating your own 'theme' or a totally different framework. You could also pull in your Wings content into a different environment, such as a mobile application. Wings has a flexible and efficient GraphQL API that lets you pull out structured data easily and quickly.

As for the CMS service: all content is stored in a light-weight JSON format that is easily extracted over an API; we can also provide you with an export of your content at any time, which would allow you to migrate your content into a different system if you would so desire.

As for your constituents: every campaign (signup, fundraiser, event, signup) you create offers a simple CSV download button, which immediately prompts a .csv download button with the data of all constituents for that campaign, including all information they entered into any custom fields you may have added, their optin status, et cetera.

Can Wings handle heavy traffic?

Large amounts of users are not a problem. Wings websites are 'static' web applications, meaning all pages are fully rendered and distributed over CDN; there is no connection to a centralized database or webserver to dynamically serve up pages. Get linked to by major news outlets, become trending on Twitter, or reach the front page of Reddit: your website is going to be OK.