How we work

Wings is developed by the boutique agency Bolster. We currently work directly for clients to create customized websites. However, we built Wings for scale, with a platform-oriented mindset.

The way the infrastructure is set up, with a clear distinction between the headless CMS and an independent, themable frontend that pulls in content from the CMS over an API, means that outside developers and designers can create custom variations of the frontend, or even use a totally different frontend framework altogether.

In practice:

  • If you need a website on a relatively short notice – either a straightforward campaign website that only uses the built-in features or a customized platform – simply contact Bolster, the agency behind Wings.
  • If you are an agency, a developer or a representative of a progressive organization that would be interested in working with Wings in the future, sign up here – and we will keep you posted.


If you are ready to take your progressive organization to the next level, hop on board and we'll keep you updated.