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From the smallest grassroots neighbourhood initiative to global, multilingual federated website infrastructure: Wings can accomodate any progressive campaign.

29 /mo

per project

For non-profits with no paid staff

All Wings features

3 user accounts

Setup fee: € 295

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79 /mo

per project

For small non-profits with < 10 staff members

All Wings features

10 user accounts

Setup fee: € 495

Additional projects for € 39 / mo / project

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195 /mo

per project

For large non-profits

All Wings features

Unlimited user accounts

Setup fee: € 1.195

Free training

Premium support

Additional projects for € 49 / mo / project

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Federation: our plan for large ngo's and political parties.

Do you need a large number of Wings websites for individual candidates, regional chapters or local branches? Contact us to get a quote (hint: it's extremely affordable).


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Does it include hosting, support, maintenance?

Yes, we charge a monthly fee that covers everything. Wings is a hosted service, so everything is included.

What about the design?

We will set up a Wings project for you including customizing the styling to match your brand identity. Wings has theming support, allowing you to tweak colors, fonts and other styling aspects. If you need help creating a visual identity, we can help you for a custom fee.

Do I get free updates?

Yes. Wings is a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, which means that the CMS as well as the frontend will receive regular updates automatically.

Can I get help with content and campaign strategy?

Sure. Although Wings has everything you need – and you can use our documentation to get the most out of it – we also provide optional campaign consultancy services.

Can Wings handle heavy traffic?

Yes. Our architecture is built to efficiently handle many visitors and process large amounts of people signing petitions or making donations.

Does it work with The Action Network? Nationbuilder? Mailchimp?

Yes. Wings has Mailchimp support built in, and has powerful webhooks support that lets you configure your own integrations with countless of email newsletter and CRM systems.


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